Storage Tips for Around the Home

We all have been there. Kids and guests tracking in snow, rain, dirt, and debris into the house. There are many ways to avoid this and help with storage issues as well. If you are fortunate to have a ‘Mud Room’ or an entry-way then this will make things easier.

You can watch a great video on a mudroom build off our website.

Don’t have a mudroom?

Mudrooms are great to help keep your home clean and leave the wet, snowy, dirty outer clothes behind before they enter your home. An ideal location for a mudroom is just before the main entrance to your home. You can enlarge a back-door pantry or build an enclosed room in your garage if the garage is a way into your home. Ideally having a door into the mudroom and a door entering the home would help with losing heat.

One great idea is to have a tray that can collect rain and snow then put a heavy duty screen or rack over the top of it where your kids and guests can put their shoes and boots. This way it will keep the floor dryer and help dry off the shoes and boots. Under tip for this is if possible put the tray and rack in front of a heater vent.

I don’t know about you but when I was a kid my mom had these little alligator clips that were clipped to our jackets so that we don’t keep losing them. This could be a tip in itself for all of you moms out there. You can use this idea to help with storage and organization by using clothespins (Remember using the solar-powered clothes dryer called a clothesline?). When you fold your laundry and find ‘orphan socks’ you can attach them to a clothespin until you find the match. Just take and screw some clothespins to a wall where you fold clothes or take a small enough dowel or wire and attach it to the wall and run the clothespins through. Another idea is to do the same things in your entryway or mudroom so that your kids and guest can hang up there hats, mittens and gloves. This way they can drip dry while they visit and need to use them later.

The inside of closet doors is another great area to add these clothespins for items that do not need to drip dry inside the home.

Unused/wasted space like overhead storage, under objects, etc can be utilized for storage.

An example of this that you may have already heard of is bolting a radio to the underside of a kitchen cabinet so that you can listen to music while cooking or doing the dishes.

Another area is building sliding drawers under your bed. This will help cut down on dust bunnies and give you the extra storage you need. If you are lucky enough you may be able to find storage cabinets that will fit perfectly under the bed but building them is a pretty easy project also.

You can find the tools, materials, and the advice you need right here. Just ask us we will be glad to help!

If you have extra space along the floor in the hallway or mudroom you can pick up some used kitchen cabinets and a countertop to it for extra storage also.

If there is more than enough headroom and not any danger of interfering with the flow of foot traffic you can also install storage areas overhead as well for objects that are not used very often. For objects that are used often, you should have them in areas that are easy to reach.