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4 Benefits of Organic Pest Control

Each spring, homeowners around the country begin to see insects and pests appear in their homes and gardens. While the types of pests may vary depending on where you live or what you’re growing in your garden, it’s a constant battle to keep them out and prevent them from damaging your plants. There are plenty of ways to try and keep them at bay, but many of those solutions use chemicals that may be harmful to the environment around them. Organic pest control methods might provide the perfect solution.

Looking for reasons to go organic with your pest control? Here are 4 of them…

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4 Reasons to Choose a Digital Rain Gauge

For centuries, mankind has used various types of instruments to measure rainfall. The simplest of these rain gauges were a simple cylinder with markings to measure rainfall over a period of time. These manual gauges are still used, and they provide a fairly accurate reading. But as all things tend to be changed and improved over time, so has…

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5 Common Lawn Weeds

A thick, lush, green lawn is one of the hallmarks of a homeowner that has it all together. Taking pride in how your lawn looks sets your home apart and shows a high level of care and attention to detail. A freshly cut, striped lawn stretching out before you just feels right, doesn’t it?

But for most of us, these things called…

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The Basics of Window Blinds

We may take them for granted today, but the concept of blinds is believed to be discovered by nomadic tribes who used sheets to cover the windows in their dwellings in order to shield themselves from the hot sun.

Blinds have been primarily used to ensure privacy in your home, but they can also help with…

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Before you Dig

Our backyards, streets, and sidewalks hide millions of underground utility lines. If you’re not aware of where they are, digging can be dangerous and costly. To know what’s below, call 811, the public utilities underground location services.

What to know…

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Dog Training the High-tech Way

Technology is rapidly changing the way we live, work, and communicate. Now it’s even changing the way we train our pets.

From electronic feeders to automatic ball launchers to self-cleaning litter boxes, high-tech inventions are making duties of pet ownership easier. Some of the most common high-tech pet devices in use today are…

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Ladder Safety

Because ladders are common tools used every day, many people forget proper ladder safety. It’s important to remember that ladder injuries are easily preventable if you think before acting.

Avoid ladder injuries with these ladder safety suggestions…

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